Working Theory is in business to solve workplace coaching problems, and create more effective teams. We are also a technical firm, founded by Dr. Paul Snowdon, who in addition to his Doctorate in Business Administration, is also a chemical engineer and an expert in process improvement. So when we decided to focus on improving workplace coaching and team effectiveness, we did what any process engineer would do. We engaged in scientific research to better understand these issues, and connected this with best practice. As a result, we understand workplace coaching and team coaching at a level much deeper than most.

By uncovering how these phenomena actually work, and designing intelligent solutions to help managers create high performing teams, we are able to make our workplaces more engaging, more creative, with more effective personal relationships, and higher performance. All of which creates incredible business results for our clients. Not too shabby, if we do say so ourselves.

Want Research Based Insights on Coaching or Team Effectiveness?