What projects could you do if your whole team operated like your top 10%?

This is our flagship program and you will work directly with Dr. Paul. You will learn how to leverage insights in team performance research, understand the first principles of high performing teams, and apply them to your team.

Imagine the kind of projects your could do if your whole team performed at their potential... or if you were able to expand their potential

Dr. Paul is an engineer himself and has worked in a wide variety of technical environments. He has designed this program to help all technical leaders improve the performance of their team... to teach leaders how to move their teams to the edge of the 'performance envelope', and then expand their performance envelope to create even greater results.

Leaders that work with Dr. Paul create high impact benefits for their organizations :

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased speed to market
  • Improved quality
  • Improved safety performance
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced overtime
  • Increased customer satisfaction/retention
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Reduced employee attrition

So, whether you are an engineering leader, a project leader, an IT leader, a data analytics leader, a manufacturing leader or any other 'technical leader', our Technical Team Excellence Program is for you.

I will catalyze your thinking, be a thinking partner for you, cheer you on, and keep you accountable. In moving through this program, you will learn life-long skills to create high performing teams, overcome people issues, and create buy-in for the initiatives you are spearheading.

Who Joins This Program?

There are generally two types of Leaders who join this program.

The first type, are the Growth Leaders. These individuals see the opportunities for their team, and recognize that it is not the technical skills of the team that is holding back peak performance, rather it is how the team operates. These Growth Leaders are seeking support to develop their team's cohesion and effectiveness, to learn new ways of working and creating value, because they know that if they can 'crack the code' on how their team operates, the results will take care of themselves.

The second type of leader who joins the program is a Performance Leader. These individuals focus on results, and see the gaps in their team, and are clear that the team is not realizing its potential. Prior to joining this program, Performance Leaders have often tried different ways to increase the effectiveness of their team, but have often had mixed success, or worse, have found that their approach has worsened the performance of the team. Performance Leaders who join this program are open to examining their assumptions about what leadership means, and to experimenting with new leadership techniques, so that they can find a new set of leadership tools that work for them.

So who are you? Are you a Growth Leader? Are you a Performance Leader? Or perhaps both? Great leaders know that they must focus on the 'what' ... that is to say the results the team produces. But they also know that to create sustainable results, 'how' the team operates is of utmost importance. In this program you will work on improving your focus on the 'what' AND the 'how' of generating breakthrough results.

Program Overview

This one year program is for those Leaders who want personalized coaching as they coach their team on critical business goals. This is a curated program, where participants will have quarterly strategy sessions with Dr. Paul and monthly coaching sessions to support you on your journey. This program also provides unlimited access to Dr. Paul as a Thinking Partner for you. What does that mean? It means that whenever you need support during this program, you don't have to wait until your monthly session. You can schedule a 15-minute coaching session to get 'just-in-time' coaching. This level of access to Dr. Paul is available only for those in this flagship program.

Here is what is included in this highly personalized experience:

  • Videos to describe the first principles of team performance
  • A 1hr deep dive interview with Dr. Paul to understand your needs and goals
  • Assessment tools to evaluate your team's effectiveness, your team coaching approach and the development of a roadmap to achieve high performance
  • The creation of custom Team Coaching Plan. This will be a 90-Day plan to focus your coaching efforts and give you the structure to achieve your goals
  • 4 x Quarterly Team Coaching Strategy Sessions with Dr. Paul (1hr on-line) to build, review and/or evolve your 90-Day Team Coaching Plan
  • 8 x Monthly coaching sessions (1hr on-line) to 'check and adjust' your Team Coaching Plan
  • Unlimited number of 15-minute Thinking Partner sessions, so you have just-in-time coaching and support for the implementation of your ideas

Is this for me?

This is our most exclusive program. It is for those leaders who want a customized approach to their development, and who want specialized support to help them achieve their business goals. This is the ideal program for those leaders who want to benefit from working on their business with Dr. Paul. But to help you determine if this is a good fit for you, please answer the following questions with a YES or NO:

  • I have a business problem/opportunity that I will work on over the course of this year, and by solving it, I will generate over $100K USD in savings or revenue growth
  • I am genuinely interested in developing a high performing team
  • I am open to experimenting with new ways of leading my team
  • I am open to experimenting with new ways of coaching my team
  • I am willing to be coached

If you answered YES to all of these questions, then I know you will have amazing results from this program.

Interested in Working Directly with Me?

Enrolment in this exclusive program is limited.

Prior to enrolling in this program, a preliminary consultation with Dr. Paul is required. This 30-minute consult is free, and will focus on understanding the current situation that you are facing, determining if this is the right program for you, and answering any questions you might have about the program itself. Sound good? Let's get you started!