Connecting best science
best practice

Yes, Dr. Paul does Virtual Keynotes


Building High Performers

The fundamental role of a manager is to create more value with the resources they have been given. In this engaging talk, Dr. Snowdon will connect best science and best practice to provide practical advice to leaders on how they can develop high performers. Imagine your whole team operating like your top 10%.

Through this talk, participants will understand:

1) the attributes high performers consistently demonstrate

2) the processes they undertake to achieve their goals

3) how you can coach/develop these skills in the rest of your team

Amping Up Your Coaching Game – Practical Tips to Develop Your Coaching Style

Good coaching elevates performance, bad coaching hinders performance.  How can managers improve their coaching, generate greater results, and demonstrate that they can develop their people through this crucial skill?  Dr. Snowdon will share insights from his research on workplace coaching, goal striving and adult learning.  and outline practical strategies to improve one’s coaching effectiveness.

Through this talk, participants will understand:

1) The role of a the manager's mindset when coaching, and which mindsets help (or hinder) coaching effectiveness

2) The power of feedback loops in tuning goal pursuit activities

3) How to diagnose where an individual or team are failing, and to focus  their coaching on strengthening these areas

4) The characteristics of an effective coach, and how they can be applied at work

Note: this talk can be configured for a 1-2 hour for a Half and Full day workshops, practical exercises are woven through the session to have each participant apply the knowledge and learn the skills.